Association of German Cities

The Association of German Cities is the voice of cities and the national local-authority association of cities which are not belonging to a county as well as of most cities and towns within counties. As a community of solidarity of cities it represents the idea of local self-government to Federal Government, Federal States (Bundesländer), European Union, governmental and non-governmental organisations. The work and services of the Association of German Cities are primarily geared to the needs and interests of the direct member cities and their citizens.


Head Office Berlin

Hausvogteiplatz 1
D-10117 Berlin

tel.: +49 30 37711-0
fax: +49 30 37711999


Head Office Cologne

Gereonstraße 18 - 32
D-50670 Köln

tel.:  +49 221 3771-0
fax: +49 221 3771-128

Brussels Office

Avenue des Nerviens 9 - 31
B-1040 Bruxelles

tel. +32 2 882 774-0
fax +49 221 3771-399

Professional publications in English

The Association of German Cities provides a small selection of its professional publications in English. For informations on other issues please check our theme pages (in German)