Shared E-Scooters

Paving the Road Ahead

This report provides a synthesis of the first experiences with shared e-scooters in german cities and towns.

With the passage of the Small Electric Vehicles Act (eKFV), e-scooters were declared street-legal in Germany as of 15 June 2019. E-scooter companies, already active around the world, moved quickly to enter the German market. By late August, shared scooters were on the streets of over 20 cities across the country. Particularly in light of the sometimes rocky rollout of dockless shared bicycles in the past, this rapid expansion has prompted a number of questions on the part of cities and towns. To aid in answering these questions, this report provides a synthesis of the first, primarily international, experiences with shared e-scooters, describes the opportunities and challenges they bring with them, and offers recommendations for e-scooter planning and regulation in cities and towns both in Germany and beyond.